May 032013

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Networks save their most promising TV shows for the fall lineup.  This is not a random choice but actually due to the fact that advertisers are willing to pay top dollar in the 2014 fall TV season given that this is when viewing audiences are highest.  The network as a whole, and each individual show, becomes more popular and therefore valuable if they hit the fall TV lineup right.  Thus you can find some real gems in this season, if you know where to look.

The problem for TV viewers each fall is that they usually have a bunch of returning favorites coming back, and there is no time to watch every single new fall TV show that looks promising.  And in recent years viewers have become frustrated with the fact that they’ve come to really like a new fall TV show only to see it cancelled.  For a variety of reasons most viewers only want to only invest their time and energy into new fall TV shows that are the best and have staying power.

We started this website to help TV viewers navigate the fall TV lineup expertly.  We will cover the best new shows in the popular fall TV lineup, and provide enough information for you to make up your mind about whether you might want to give a show a try.  We are a fully independent and unbiased site, with no stake in what show or network you ultimately choose, so you can trust us to provide unique information that can help you make a well-rounded decision.

We are very excited about the fall 2014 TV lineup already, and we look forward to continuing our close coverage of it!

Here is the new fall TV lineup from TV Guide

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Jun 202014

New Fall TV Series: CSI: Cyber

Fans of the CSI: series of shows will love this new fall TV show CSI: Cyber.  But this new fall show also has the potential to capture a wider audience as well, those who have a little geek in them and will enjoy the mind-bending and interesting crimes that are committed with technology.    Fans of the original CSI: series got a glimpse of how interesting the cyber crime work can be when this show did a crossover in the spring on CSI:.  If the intrigue and intelligence shown during the crossover episode can be kept up for 24 episodes next year, this entry into the new fall TV shows market may have great potential.

THe wonderful actress Patricia Arquette seems to be a perfect fit as the lead character named Avery Ryan who is the Special Agent in Charge at the Cyber Crime Division of the FBI.  She is of course based in Quantico, Virginia but unlike some of the other CSI: shows based in certain locales, she will likely travel around to wherever cyber crime is being committed.   The action will provoke thought and may be scary to those who use computers every day – a realistic yet fascinating look at what can be accomplished in the cyber world by those with bad intentions.

Of course like other CSI: shows, this entry into the new fall TV lineup is produced by the talented Jerry Bruckheimer along with Jonathan Littman.  The lineup of writers and other executive directors is equally impressive.  CSI: Cyber has great potential to capture the existing fan base of this series of shows, while also winning over those who enjoy crowmes of the mind and anything cyber related.  We think that this new fall TV show is close to a can’t miss addition to the fall TV lineup.  Those looking at the new fall TV shows and hoping to be amazed and stunned may like CSI: Cyber for all it can bring.

May 162014

New Fall TV Show Aquarius

Our first review of a new fall TV show in 2014 is about a show, Aquarius, that seems to have all the ingredients for success.  Start with a popular and talented actor who has garnered a following across many different genres, in this case David Duchovny, and give him an incredibly interesting plot line to work with, and you may have something big.  In this case the main character is a Los Angeles police sergeant in the late 1960s who is after what at the time appears to be a small-time criminal with potential.  The criminal just seems to have something about him that suggests he may become increasingly dangerous, and in a powerful way.  In fact, this criminal is actually a young  Charles Manson.

The action takes place as a police undercover procedural, with some incredible action and suspense leading toward some of Manson’s most infamous crimes. This show is another in what are being called “event series” where a historical event or events become part of the action and are what the plot lines are built around.  That said, you do not have to be a fan of history or love true crime to come to really enjoy Aquarius.  There is truly something for everyone, including those who like to vicariously experience the 60s, to those who like action, to those who enjoy a depth of character that pops off the screen.  As new fall shows go, this one is worth keeping an eye on.

This interesting entry into the 2014 fall TV lineup is executive produced by Mr. Duchovny and has talented writer John McNamara (who also wrote the popular In Plain Sight) and Marty Adelstein (who wrote Prison Break).   The other actors may not be as well-known but are terrific.  We’ve reserved our first review for a new fall TV show that we think has particular potential in the 2014 fall TV lineup, and we can’t wait to see if we are right!

Dec 262013

As we enter the winter TV season, we want to remind visitors to New Fall TV of how to best decide whether a winter TV show is worth giving a chance.  There are not so many choices in the winter TV lineup, but it is still very important to know which ones are really just fillers, and which ones might not only be worth watching but could break into the more popular fall TV lineup at some point.  It all starts with the reason a new winter TV show ends up in this less popular season.

There are reasons why a new TV show could end up in the winter TV lineup that would give a potential viewer optimism about their potential quality.  For example, maybe the new winter TV show was merely delayed due to problems in production or because a prominent actor was finishing up another project.  In these cases the new winter TV show may have the quality and potential of a fall TV show, but was just delayed – and the network must have not wanted to wait an entire year to debut the show.  Another positive reason might be that the new winter show was seen as duplicative of new fall shows on the same or other networks, and the hope was that maybe as interest faded on those other new TV shows, people would be interested in this one.

Of course there are negative reasons why a new winter TV show would be relegated to the less popular season, including the most obvious – that the network does not have confidence in the show and does not want to potentially waste a popular and therefore financially fruitful fall TV lineup spot.  Or perhaps a new TV show was supposed to be placed in the fall Tv lineup but the initial reviews were so poor that it was moved.

Aug 252013

New fall TV action: Hostages

Sometimes a great idea leads to a great new TV show, and Hostages on CBS may prove to be a good example. Based on a 24-like premise, this new fall show may hold a lot of promise for those who want an exciting plot that continues week to week and leaves you wanting to know what happens next at the end of each hour. If the actors who have been hired and the quality and past successes of the producers is any indication, this new fall TV show has all the ingredients.

This new fall show is based on the idea that a surgeon who will be operating in he president of he United States has her family kidnapped by a rogue FBI agent who will kill them if she does not botch the surgery. Compelling characters abound in this exciting new fall TV drama, including Dylan McDermott as the FBI agent and Toni Collette. And although icing on the cake was not really needed for a show headlined by those two, another highly compelling character, the wife of Mr. McDermott’s character will be played by Francie Swift who is known by many for her roles on Law and Order SVU, and Gossip Girl.

Hostages promises to be a new fall TV show worth checking out, the latest potential Jerry Bruckheimer hit. Just like shows before it, such as 24, the plot will be continuous, with an occasional resolution but usually enough unfinished business to leave the audience in suspense until the next week. The difference with Hostages may be the fact that we will see the characters more deeply and completely in this exciting new fall TV show. The action and suspense will still be there, with a dose of real drama mixed in for those who want to explore the human side.

Aug 192013

New Fall Show The Tomorrow People

If you appreciate incredible visual effects, being fully immersed in a fantasy world that seems completely realistic, and a sense that something incredible looks and feels almost real, you might enjoy “The Tomorrow People” on the CW.   This up-and-coming network is seeking to prove itself with a new fall show that is not only well acted with great plot lines, but also has expensive and high quality production values.  This is not the CW of a few years ago.

“The Tomorrow People” is a new fall show based on a premise that in the course of human evolution people will develop incredible powers and abilities.  Unlike X-Men, where this group existed for centuries but was hidden, this new group of people is the first of its kind.  So the fact that a group of young men and women can do these incredible things for the sake of good or the sake of adventure might be enough to create a compelling new fall TV series, but of course the added issue is that there is a group out to eliminate them and their powers.  So if you liked any number of movies and TV shows, from X-Men to Harry Potter to X-Files, this new fall show may be for you.  And you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the production values a TV show, let alone a new show on the CW network, is able to pull off.

The powers these teenagers and young adults have, from telepathy to telekinesis are both believable and exciting, and the action they produce is matched by how compelling and interesting the characters are as well as those that surround them in their personal lives.  This new fall show plays out as a rich fantasy, capturing the viewer and bringing him or her along for a wonderful ride.

Jul 182013

New Fall TV Action: Blacklist

James Spader may have been a bit miscast when he appeared in several episodes of The Office last year, but we didn’t have to wait long for him to hit his mark in the kind of show that is made for his intense, compelling, and riveting acting style.  The new fall TV drama called “The Blacklist”on NBC gives Spader a vehicle to truly capture the attention of the fall TV viewing public.

Spader plays an ex-government agent named Raymond “Red” Reddington who for years had managed to evade the law and was high on the Most Wanted list.  During those years Reddington was involved with some of the most notorious criminals worldwide, brokering deals and generally becoming involved in deeply troubling criminal activity.

Suddenly Reddington surrenders, but there is a condition: He wants to go after some of the most notorious criminals on a list he has compiled, many of them either thought to be dead or just a rumor to begin with.  We start with a chase to catch a long-thought-dead terrorist named Zamani.

Interestingly, Reddington makes a second request and that is that he will only work with a very particular FBI agent who specializes in profiling named Liz Keen.  Why he chooses Ms. Keen is a mystery at least at first – she is right out of Quantico.  But one way  or another he only wants to work with her as he pursues others on his “blacklist” of crooked world leaders, mobsters and  terrorists.

The combination of Spader, Executive Producer John Eisendrath who brought us “Alias,” and Executive Producer John Davis who brought “Predator,” and “I, Robot” to the big screen make this new fall TV show a good bet to be a breakout hit.  Sub plots such as the mystery of Reddington’s true intentions and his incredible tutoring of Keen (and why did he choose her anyway?) make this new fall TV series enen more compelling.

Jul 082013

New Fall TV: Agents of SHIELD

The jump from small screen to big happens all the time in science fiction, from Star Trek to X-Files.  But nowhere is there more frequent jumps to the movies than with superhero shows.  But what happens when a terrific super hero or group of super heroes captures an auf=dience on the big screen and then goes to TV as a new fall TV show?  We’ll see this year with “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”, and our hope could not be higher.

S.H.I.E.L.D. is a global law enforcement agency that most who have watched any Marvel full length features will recognize.  Agent Phil Coulson is the main character, will be at the center of this series and he is played by Clark Gregg who played the same character in Iron Man, Thor, and The Avengers recently.  Joss Whedon is the person primarily responsible for helping this show get from the big screen to the new fall TV lineup, and if his successes with Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Firefly are any indication you might want to bet on his success. 

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will have plenty of action of course, as Coulson builds his team of agents to work to solve very interesting, challenging and of course highly classified cases. With characters including weapons experts, computer hackers, and scientists, you may not find a show with more to offer viewers, from those who will look forward to the kind of science fiction we saw in X-Files, to those who just want pure action, to those who like technological thrillers.

Perhaps the most interesting part of this new fall TV show is that the focus, unlike the movies that had this agency in the periphery, will actually focus more on these incredibly interesting support characters rather than the super heroes.  But they’ll be just enough action with those who do have super powers to keep some fans who just want that engaged.

Jun 132013

New Fall TV Show Reign

The CW is considered by many “the fifth major network” for its bold entries into the primetime TV lineup in recent years, and the fall of 2013 is no different.  Perhaps leading the network’s charge to be considered among the giants is the new fall TV show “Reign”, which may truly have something for everyone.  Those who liked any show from Downton Abbey to Vampire diaries to Revenge might like this one which is not directly comparable to any past show and could be uniquely amazing in its own right.

Let’s start with the fact that the Producers of this show have had incredible success on the major networks with shows ranging from CSI Miami to Ghost Whisperer to Hawaii Five-o.  Mix in a potential break-out actress with incredible range (Adelaide Kane) and wonderful small screen presence, and we truly might have something special here.  Internally at the CW they certainly think so, and there is a lot of excitement about this new fall TV show.   With what was spent on lavish sets and incredible effects, they hope to be right of course, but their enthusiasm seems more than just hopeful or put on – it appears completely genuine.

The story follows Mary Queen of Scots’ rise to power from a teenager, with a network of friends and enemies alike, and  supernatural intrigue following her every step of the way.  Between exciting science-fiction, incredible adventure, and some dramatic social plots, this one has the potential to be truly captivating.  And when she is a young adult we predictably – this is the CW after all – see some sexual intrigue as well.  There will no doubt be unpredictable twists and turns in this drama, and the bottom line will be continuous suspense and action.  We predict that this one could be one of the true hidden gems in the fall TV lineup of 2013 and one that could have a very loyal following.

Jun 062013

New Fall TV Show Crazy Ones

Robin Williams got his start in television and was a huge hit on that medium, and then moved on to the big screen where he became an Academy Award winning star.  Now he is returning to TV in a new fall TV series called The Crazy Ones.  After the success of The Office, this new fall TV show has amazing potential given its similar single-camera camera approach to following a workplace that has some real characters ion it.

Mr. Williams plays a larger-than-life ad man who has an often off-the-wall approach that is close to unbelievable and usually incredibly funny and creative.  As the boss of the ad firm he can take these risks and do these outrageous things with few repercussions.  And given the success of the agency, it is hard for anyone to argue with his incredible methods.  But he does have to answer to someone very important, despite the fact that he is the boss, and that is his daughter as played by another former TV star Sarah Michelle Gellar.  As you might expect, his daughter is his foil, so different in so many ways .  She is meticulous and wants to stay within the lines.  She wishes that she could advance her own name but how to do so when so much energy needs to go into controlling her larger-than-life father?

Led by these two powerful and successful actors, and supported by a great cast, we have high hopes for this particular new fall TV show.  And given how successful its producers have been at capturing TV audiences (David E. Kelley brought us “Ally McBeal” and “The Practice” while more recently Jason Winer brought us “Modern Family”) this one seems sure to be a hit.  CBS TV may be following in the footsteps of an NBC hit, but this new fall TV show seems to have enough distinction on its own to develop a unique and perhaps equally large following.

May 222013

New Fall TV Series

Michael J Fox has been a hit on TV almost every time he’s starred in a series, though since his Parkinson’s Disease symptoms have been more obvious he’s been relegated to supporting roles. It appears that NBC is realizing that the disease should not prevent them from taking a chance on this incredibly talented actor who tends to attract and keep a large audience.  And what better than a show that can actually make the disease part of the plot line?

As the title of the show hints at, this one is very loosely based on Mr. Fox’s own life.  The title character, however, is names Mike Henry, who was once a popular and well-liked newsman who is now retired and has Parkinson’s.  But this newsman has decided not to stay retired, and instead will go back to work at his local NBC station where he used to work.  The interplay between that decision and his family dynamics and of course his disease make for both heartwarming and funny storylines.  It may be said too often, but this one truly may have something for just about every viewer.

This show has the makings of a hit, though NBC is hedging a little with a less than favorable time slot to start.  As we often see, however, new fall TV shows often get moved around fairly quickly if the gain an audience.  And NBC has ordered a full 22 episodes, so they clearly belive that this new fall show will be at least good enough to stick with for a while.  With a central character that has a history of success, and a strong cast of his family and friends, this one has the potential to be a hit in the new fall TV lineup.  For those who are looking for the best new fall TV comedy, “The MIchael J Fox Show” may be your answer.