Jan 062015

Here at New Fall TV we are usually covering the new fall TV series that are promising and will please a certain audience.  We cover comedies, dramas, reality TV, and action shows equally, but what we always focus on is the new fall TV shows that look promising.  We don’t pay too much attention to other seasons or to returning shows.  But every so often we do want to give some information and advice to our readers about other seasons, especially given the fact that sometimes a promising new fall TV show will get pushed to a later season, or a series will be aired in a different season in order to boost some of the new fall TV series that are already on.  In this post we want to review a couple of winter TV shows in 2015 that have caught our eye, and we hope you will also share your own favorites as the winter TV season unfolds.

The first new winter TV show that we are looking forward to is “Fresh Off the Boat”.   Scheduled to start on Wednesday, February 4 at 8:30pm but then moving to a regular Tuesdays at 8pm slot, this new TV series is based on popular chef Eddie Huang’s memoir.  A simple premise looks to lead to a lot of hilarity and some poignant moments: A Vietnamese family moves from Washington, D.C. (where they lived within a neighborhood that was a cultural match), to Florida (where the cultural match is non-existent).  The family opens a restaurant.  There is a wonderful diversity in the characters that play the family and some surrounding neighbors and co-workers, and critics loved the pilot.  The story is told from the boy’s point of view, centering around the cultural comedy but also including some humor that is inherent in the family relationships.  These characters and the plot lines have the potential to be highly memorable and could vault this new winter show into strong popularity.

Sep 112014

New Fall TV Shows: A to Z

This new fall show makes our list for its high upside potential.  We watched the first episode and found that this new fall TV series certainly has a place on our list of the best new fall TV shows of 2014, but we are not sure how it will do as the plot progresses.  Basically A to Z will follow the relationship of two characters from beginning to end, and while the beginning was compelling and funny we hope that the middle does not lose some of the excitement and laughs.  That said, it is clear that A to Z has great characters and excellent acting, and the surrounding cast is quite fun, so it certainly has potential.

The two characters in this new fall TV series meet and fall in love are quirky yet fun to get to know.  Andrew is a romantic works at an internet dating site with a boss who likes to say how much they fail when people get married because they do not come back for more.  He has had a girl of his dreams since he saw her at a concert years back.  This girl is named Zelda who is an unromantic lawyer who takes a no-nonsense approach to her life and the people in it.  They were made for each other, but have wonderful differences in their personalities, behavior and outlook.  This the overall suspense in this entry into the new fall TV shows lineup will be what the “end” holds for this couple and this relationship.  We will likely be rooting for them, but the ending may stay unclear.

They meet because Zelda had a bad experience on a date set up by the site, and in a funny and warm, yet choppy and challenging way they fall in love.   But what will the future hold, and as much fun as it was to see them fall for each other, will their differences be too much or will they actually hold them together?  This new fall TV series has a lot of promise, and earns our recommendation.

Aug 232014

New Fall TV: Marry Me

Marry Me is a new fall TV series that will appear on NBC TV this fall.  We have not covered too many comedies so far, and new fall TV comedies in general are quite hit or miss.  But we have finally found a new fall show that may be a comedy hit, for several important reasons.  Talented David Caspe brings us this series after bringing the hit Happy Endings previously, and this new fall series is co-executive produced and directed by Seth Gordon who has had success on the big and small screen and Jamie Tarses who is an up and coming talent on the small screen.

The real excitement for us, however, is the choices of actor.  You may recognize Casey Wilson from Saturday Night Live or Happy Endings, and her combination of cute, finny and compelling will be fun to watch in this new fall TV series.  Ken Marinoand has been mostly a character actor, but the kind that can carry a scene and make you wonder why he has not been asked to be in a feature role already.  It is obvious that the chemistry between these two will be strong and funny.

Marry Me is based on the premise that this couple cannot seem to get the period before marriage right.  This unique backdrop leads to great comedy as they try to line up their relationship just so they are ready to get engaged.  But Jake cannot even get his proposal right, and the humor starts there.  Proposals lead to everything from botched vacations to lost jobs, and while their underlying commitment to each other stays strong, the fact that they are so different in so many ways makes for some laugh out loud moments as they try to get things right.   Of course a bunch of well cast and talented secondary characters on both sides of the equation do nothing but make all of this much harder.

Jun 062013

New Fall TV Show Crazy Ones

Robin Williams got his start in television and was a huge hit on that medium, and then moved on to the big screen where he became an Academy Award winning star.  Now he is returning to TV in a new fall TV series called The Crazy Ones.  After the success of The Office, this new fall TV show has amazing potential given its similar single-camera camera approach to following a workplace that has some real characters ion it.

Mr. Williams plays a larger-than-life ad man who has an often off-the-wall approach that is close to unbelievable and usually incredibly funny and creative.  As the boss of the ad firm he can take these risks and do these outrageous things with few repercussions.  And given the success of the agency, it is hard for anyone to argue with his incredible methods.  But he does have to answer to someone very important, despite the fact that he is the boss, and that is his daughter as played by another former TV star Sarah Michelle Gellar.  As you might expect, his daughter is his foil, so different in so many ways .  She is meticulous and wants to stay within the lines.  She wishes that she could advance her own name but how to do so when so much energy needs to go into controlling her larger-than-life father?

Led by these two powerful and successful actors, and supported by a great cast, we have high hopes for this particular new fall TV show.  And given how successful its producers have been at capturing TV audiences (David E. Kelley brought us “Ally McBeal” and “The Practice” while more recently Jason Winer brought us “Modern Family”) this one seems sure to be a hit.  CBS TV may be following in the footsteps of an NBC hit, but this new fall TV show seems to have enough distinction on its own to develop a unique and perhaps equally large following.

May 222013

New Fall TV Series

Michael J Fox has been a hit on TV almost every time he’s starred in a series, though since his Parkinson’s Disease symptoms have been more obvious he’s been relegated to supporting roles. It appears that NBC is realizing that the disease should not prevent them from taking a chance on this incredibly talented actor who tends to attract and keep a large audience.  And what better than a show that can actually make the disease part of the plot line?

As the title of the show hints at, this one is very loosely based on Mr. Fox’s own life.  The title character, however, is names Mike Henry, who was once a popular and well-liked newsman who is now retired and has Parkinson’s.  But this newsman has decided not to stay retired, and instead will go back to work at his local NBC station where he used to work.  The interplay between that decision and his family dynamics and of course his disease make for both heartwarming and funny storylines.  It may be said too often, but this one truly may have something for just about every viewer.

This show has the makings of a hit, though NBC is hedging a little with a less than favorable time slot to start.  As we often see, however, new fall TV shows often get moved around fairly quickly if the gain an audience.  And NBC has ordered a full 22 episodes, so they clearly belive that this new fall show will be at least good enough to stick with for a while.  With a central character that has a history of success, and a strong cast of his family and friends, this one has the potential to be a hit in the new fall TV lineup.  For those who are looking for the best new fall TV comedy, “The MIchael J Fox Show” may be your answer.

May 052013

New Fall TV Star Jenny Slate

Recently we’ve seen comedies about single 30 somethings do extremely well.  From “New Girl” to “Whitney” to “Ben and Kate” these types of new TV show have had success and staying power, as well as critical acclaim.  Thus it is not surprise that ABC TV has put together a pilot that stars that demographic, and like the other shows that have done well, this new fall TV show may be a 2013 hit.

Why are we so optimistic about this particular new fall show?  Take a look at the cast of well-liked veterans:

- June Diane Raphael who people absolutely adored in Burning Love, and has even appeared on two of the hits we mention above: Whitney and New Girl

- Kristen Schaal who was a breakout star in 30 Rock after memorable short stints on Modern Family and others.  Those who watched Flight of the Conchords probably loved her as the band’s only fan

- Jenny Slate (pictured above) who has been a featured comedian on SNL and has also been on the popular Parks and Rec.  Before that her comedy was seen all over TV

Like several other shows that have done well, most recently and most significantly perhaps “The Office”, Pulling is based on a successful British show that seems to translate well to the US audience.  The humor may have to be changed a bit – from the dry and sarcastic that is favored (or should we say “favoured”) in the UK to the slightly more silly and obvious that is prefered here.  But like shows before it, this new fall TV show has a great chance to make that transition.

Pulling is certainly one of the new fall TV shows that we are excited about in 2013, and as the season draws closer and more information is available we will be sure to provide it.  For now, we have it on our short list of new shows to follow!