Aug 252013
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New fall TV action: Hostages

Sometimes a great idea leads to a great new TV show, and Hostages on CBS may prove to be a good example. Based on a 24-like premise, this new fall show may hold a lot of promise for those who want an exciting plot that continues week to week and leaves you wanting to know what happens next at the end of each hour. If the actors who have been hired and the quality and past successes of the producers is any indication, this new fall TV show has all the ingredients.

This new fall show is based on the idea that a surgeon who will be operating in he president of he United States has her family kidnapped by a rogue FBI agent who will kill them if she does not botch the surgery. Compelling characters abound in this exciting new fall TV drama, including Dylan McDermott as the FBI agent and Toni Collette. And although icing on the cake was not really needed for a show headlined by those two, another highly compelling character, the wife of Mr. McDermott’s character will be played by Francie Swift who is known by many for her roles on Law and Order SVU, and Gossip Girl.

Hostages promises to be a new fall TV show worth checking out, the latest potential Jerry Bruckheimer hit. Just like shows before it, such as 24, the plot will be continuous, with an occasional resolution but usually enough unfinished business to leave the audience in suspense until the next week. The difference with Hostages may be the fact that we will see the characters more deeply and completely in this exciting new fall TV show. The action and suspense will still be there, with a dose of real drama mixed in for those who want to explore the human side.

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